But you are not sure how?

You hear about course creators who have hundreds and even thousands of students.

Bank balances that you cant imagine exploding with new deposits from happy students.

You have seen the success of others but now it's time to focus on your course.

It's time to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and it's time to focus on what your doing.


Hi, I’m Louis Blythe, founder of Course Academy Pro 👋

I’ve been helping businesses grow with online marketing and information products for close to 10 years.

Course Academy Pro is the distilation of all my knowledge into a single kick ass course that will help you create your spring board to a new life, seriously.

I did it and you can too. You see not too long ago I was working as a product manager for a large enterprise here in Australia.

One of the main tasks was to create informational content and product training updates for the teams.

Having a passion for photo, video and graphics I was in love with creating.

The only problem was my time and income were capped and that made me very unhappy.

You see what I really wanted was full creative control, full location freedom and the ability to forge my own path.

And guess what? I took the leap and have never looked back 🤷‍♂️

Part One: Course Mindset

Before even typing out any ideas for your online course we want you to create a why statement.

Your why is the single most powerful reason for creating an online course and we need that passion to fuel your course transformation.

One thing to consider as you think of your own reasons for wanting to create an online course is the mindset that you will want to create in your own future students.

What is the change. you want to see in your self and what is the change you want to see in your students?

Part Two: Course Ideas

Part Two: Course Ideas

This is where the fun stuff begins we are going to show you how to take the generic list of things you think you can teach and make it super specific.

We are going to use a range of course hacking tricks to find the perfect niche for you course to live and we are going to do this using FREE tools.

We are going to test out a few ideas to make sure the pass the litmus test and then we are going to start selling before we create anything so that we know there is demand for what your offer sells.

From there it is a matter of fine tuning what you have until it is a well oiled machine of course awesomeness!

Part Three: Course Creation

One mistake that a lot of new course creators make is to think about the value of their course in terms of the amount of content or the hours of videos it has.

They will then try to add as much content to their course as possible which

makes the entire process not just time-consuming and expensive but also results in information overload for the students.

So, your course doesn’t have to include everything you know on the topic. It just has to cover the things that are required to help your students achieve the promised results.

Part Four: Course Marketing

Part Four: Course Marketing

Not building an audience right from the word go is one of the most common

mistakes that course creators make.

Your audience is the lifeblood of any successful online course. Your audience are the ones that are going to buy your material and give you feedback on what they love and about love about your course.

So it makes sense to grow a highly engaged audience right from the start.

Hands down the best way to start growing an audience is with some of the amazing free tools available out there.

We created a mini course on the no cost marketing stack if you need a step by step walkthrough?

Course Curriculum

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  Part 1: Your Course Why (Please Dont Skip This Section)
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  Part 2: Knowledge, Action, Movement & Focus
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  Part 3: Online Course Planning
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  Part 4: Online Course Tech
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  Part 5: Online Course Promotion
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